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50 CPTC Exam Review Questions (Plus Answers!)

50 CPTC Exam Review Questions (Plus Answers!)

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Kickstart Your CPTC Exam Prep Today!

Start studying for the CPTC Exam now! Here's an exclusive sneak peek with the first 50 questions from the CPTC Exam Review study guide. 

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These 50 questions include these key topics:

  • Legislation
  • The History of Organ Transplantation and Medications
  • Cost and Reimbursements
  • Clinical Triggers
  • UNOS Guidelines
  • Donor Management Goals (DMGs)
  • OPTN Framework
  • Donor Classifications
  • Consent and Legal Issues
  • Hospital Education 

This is a perfect opportunity to assess your strengths and identify areas needing more focus. Meanwhile, your full CPTC study guide is on its way, packed with an additional 150 practice questions, and in-depth explanations of all the topics. Study hard and pass the CPTC Exam!

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