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The newest ABTC Detailed Content Outline creates the scaffolding for this 2nd Ed. Study Guide. Read the most comprehensive explanations of each Topic utilizing industry standards from AOPO & NATCO, UNOS policies, and relevant publications

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Smaller and sleeker than the 1st Ed., but still packs a punch! You can have it on the Unit for easy reference and a few minutes of study in all of your downtime or bring it to the beach for some light summer reading. Wherever you need it, studying for the CPTC just got easier!

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Test your knowledge and build confidence with 200 practice questions and answers.  Got it right? High five. Got it wrong? No worries. The questions follow the order of the book. Just find the topic and re-read what you need to know. All of the answers are in the book!

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I didn't know how to study for the CPTC Exam until this book! It's even better than the 1st Edition!

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About The Study Guide

Similar to the original, this 2nd Edition CPTC Exam Study Guide meticulously follows the ABTC's Detailed Content Outline, which is the scaffolding for the CPTC Exam. A Second Edition became necessary when the latest July 2016 Content Outline was published and the CPTC Exam was updated. 

The 2nd Edition, similar to the 1st, was created to offer a convenient and organized method of studying for the CPTC Exam and to teach the many facets of the role of the Organ Procurement Coordinator. Instead of having to look up every ABTC Content Outline Topic, the work has been done for you using industry standards like NATCO, AOPO, and UNOS, new and established methods of supporting the donation process, and published articles from Progress in Transplantation and other distinguished medical journals. A detailed explanation of the physiology of brain death, methods of donor management, donation authorization practices, details of organ recovery and the Coordinator's role, and the history and future of transplantation, and more. 

200 CPTC Exam Practice Questions and Answers are included to build your confidence and test your knowledge!